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Coiled tubing is Canyon’s second-largest service line. Our modern, fit-for-purpose equipment enables us to perform specialized services, including the first nitrogen-conveyed fracturing system for natural gas in coal (NGC) – Canyon’s original founding purpose in 2004. We also use coiled tubing to fracture shallower vertical and horizontal wells, including multi-stage fracturing using sliding-sleeve ported collars. We are licensed to provide the Exxon-Mobil MZST process, which is conveyed through coiled tubing.

Coiled tubing is a versatile conveyance facilitating a variety of interventions in the wellbore. It’s an enabling technology that increases the efficiency, speed and safety, and reduces the cost of numerous tasks in the wellbore that are, in turn, aimed at completing the well and/or improving its performance. Canyon’s coiled tubing crews are highly experienced in all areas of coiled tubing operation and tubing-conveyed tools and processes.

In addition to its specialized coiled tubing capabilities, Canyon offers all the basic coiled tubing services: well cleanouts and blowdowns, acidizing, setting tools, as well as milling and drilling, with heavy-duty specifications supporting continuous 24-hour pumping operations during drillouts.

Canyon’s equipment is modern and highly capable. We operate a mix of conventional and mast-equipped coiled tubing units rated to as much as 6,600 metres’ total measured depth and supporting a variety of downhole tool assemblies and well configurations, including slant-drilled wells. We have pipe diameters ranging from 1.5” to 3.25”. Canyon was the first service company in Western Canada to offer 3.25” diameter tubing, introducing producers to the depth and pumping rate advantages of this larger-diameter tubing.

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