Shale Oil and Tight Oil

Canyon is helping producers unlock the potential of oil-bearing shales and tight sands across the WCSB. We are participating in the testing phases of new plays and are supporting the industry’s drive to increase productivity and reduce per-well costs in established plays, leading to better per-well economics.

Tight Gas

Canyon is an active service provider for both vertical and horizontal drilling in tight gas reservoirs. A key goal in the tight gas industry is driving down average per-well costs by learning through repetition and layering in technical refinements, and Canyon is contributing to this process.

Shale Gas

Canyon has performed thousands of fracturing stages at several shale gas plays in Alberta and northeast B.C. We understand and support the producing sector's drive to generate improving average per-well results to maximize net present values in these high-risk, capital-intensive, high-reward projects.


Canyon is proud to contribute to the revitalization of Alberta's legacy carbonates through our expert acid fracturing, which includes playing a leading role in the industry's improvement of acid formulations. Our goal is to achieve consistent success in sensitive reservoirs.

Coalbed Methane

Canyon pioneered the use of 3¼" coil (instead of the then-standard 2⅞" coil) in the Western Canada marketplace and has designed special equipment packages that reduce the surface footprint of NGC fracturing operations. These advances have enabled high-rate nitrogen pumping and allowed for operating on small or tightly spaced NGC well sites.

Multi-zone Vertical Wells

Canyon has the reliable equipment, range of fluids and specialized chemistries that get the most out of vertical well programs. Our diverse range of equipment enables us to select the right items for each job so there isn't excessive “iron" sitting idle on the well site.

Horizontal Wells

Horizontal drilling currently accounts for an estimated 40 percent of all wells drilled in Western Canada. And the majority of our fracturing stages occur in horizontal wells.