Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing is central to the oil and gas industry’s success, with unconventional reservoirs now standard targets across Western Canada. It is also Canyon’s core business, driving our equipment fleet’s expansion and making up more than 80 percent of our work. Many of our other services support or are part of the hydraulic fracturing process. Success in this field depends on four main factors: equipment, materials, technology and people.

A typical fracturing spread may include a blender, a chemical transfer van, a data van, high pressure pumps, treating iron, manifold trailers, and sand handling equipment, and be supported by additional coiled tubing, N2, CO2 and acidizing equipment. Regardless of the exact configuration of a Canyon fracturing spread, our goal remains the same: to outperform on every job.

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Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is Canyon's second-largest service line. Canyon is a leader in introducing modern, fit-for-purpose coiled tubing equipment that addresses fracturing treatment requirements for rate, depth, etc on both vertical and horizontal wells.

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Canyon has developed some of the most cost effective and robust acid chemistries in the industry. Our inventory of products can handle some of the toughest oil reservoirs in Canada using minimal chemistry loadings. Canyon provides both conventional (matrix-squeezing) acid treatments and acid-based fracturing.

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Primary & Remedial Cementing

Canyon's remedial cementing focuses on repairing deficient or otherwise problem cementing jobs and also providing final cementing of abandoned zones and/or plugging of wells for formal abandonment to meet current regulatory standards. As in everything Canyon does, our remedial cementing services feature modern, purpose-built equipment that helps our crews ensure efficient and high-quality service delivery

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Fraction Energy Services

With the acquisition of Fraction Energy Services, Canyon can offer customers the systems and strategies to properly handle containment and transfer of fluids. Our fluid containment systems are assembled quickly, effectively and accurately. With Fractions' advanced tank design, quality fluid transfer equipment, commitment to health and safety, expertise in environmental legislation, and customer satisfaction guarantee we have your water management requirements covered.

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